Featured Scholar: From Irish Dance to Global Health, Bridget Oei (UConn) Sees Science Everywhere

  From a young age, Bridget Oei was encouraged to see the science in everything around her, whether that was the physics behind Irish dance, one of her …

  • “What a privilege it is to work with so many brilliant like-minded individuals and understand what it takes to become a future leader/follower.”

    Vincent Silvanio | Barry University | Entering Class 2013

  • “The Stamps Scholarship has given me what every student dreams of- a blank canvas on which to paint my future, where no colors are off limits, and every brushstroke is entirely guided by my passions and interests.”

    Sophia Liu | University of Miami | Entering Class 2012

  • “Through the Stamps Scholarship, I gained knowledge, life experiences, and an incredible network, all of which will last me a lifetime.”

    Jonathan Saethang | Georgia Tech | Entering Class 2006

  • “There are many places to see, people to meet, and opportunities to grow. The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation is taking you there.”

    MaryCate Most | University of Illinois | Entering Class 2013

  • “The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation is not just giving students a financial means to attend college, but cultivating a family of bright minds, challenging us to dream deep and wide, and helping us manifest these dreams.”

    Lo-Hua Yuan | University of Michigan | Entering Class 2008