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University of Chicago

The University of Chicago was pleased to begin partnering with the Stamps Foundation in 2011 to offer merit scholarships for outstanding students. The Stamps Scholarship provides students with a four year, full-ride scholarship covering tuition and fees, as well as room & board. Additionally, the Stamps Scholarship provides each recipient with $10,000 of enrichment funds that students can use over the course of their four years at the University.

The University of Chicago has been providing students with a world-class education since its founding in the 1890s. Whether you are interested in the arts, humanities, or the physical, social, or biological sciences, the University of Chicago offers a welcoming and diverse community that will stimulate your intellectual passions. Students here are smart, broadly interested, academically oriented, and intellectually ambitious. The Core Curriculum engages minds and challenges assumptions in a rigorous, interdisciplinary education. Small classes, internationally recognized faculty, state-of-the-art labs and research centers, experiential pre-professional programs, and more than 400 active student organizations contribute to one of the best undergraduate experiences in the world. To learn more about academics, student life, and the application process, please visit the University’s College Admissions website.

There is no separate application for the Stamps Scholarship. All admitted students will be considered.

To read more about the Stamps Scholarship at the University of Chicago, click here.

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