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Kirstie Hostetter Plans to Aid Corporations in Creating Sustainable Business Models.

Second-year Foundation Fellow and Stamps Scholar Kirstie Hostetter’s long-range career goal is to aid corporations in creating sustainable business models, to ensure that natural environments remain a resource for subsequent generations to enjoy, and to help construct environmentally sustainable development programs for disadvantaged areas of the world.

The Tennessee native already has a good start on her plans, thanks to several organizations she’s involved with, both on and off the University of Georgia campus.

“Each Wednesday, I volunteer at a local elementary school with a program called Lunchbox Garden,” Kirstie says. “We help children learn to grow organic vegetables and educate them about healthy eating. Last year, through the Roosevelt Institute, a national student-run policy think tank, I developed and published a policy paper on affordable housing in Athens. And I am continuing my community involvement by taking the honors research class affiliated with Roosevelt and am currently working on a policy paper concerning the use of organophosphate pesticides in Thailand.”

Kirstie says that she’s derived much from being a Fellow, adding it has “given me a college experience that I do not believe I could obtain anywhere else.”

“I am surrounded by some of the most intelligent, thoughtful, and high-achieving people of our generation, who I also get to call my best friends,” she says. “We are competitive with ourselves, but not with each other, creating a supportive environment that has allowed me to flourish academically and personally.”

Pointing to her Maymester at Oxford University with the other freshmen Fellows, Kirstie said the many opportunities for travel will provide excellent preparation for her future endeavors.

“The financial support that comes with the Fellowship allows me to pursue travel and internship opportunities that will provide skills not available in a typical college classroom,” she says. “The program’s emphasis on exploring different regions of the world prepares us for a global marketplace while exposing us to the types of opportunities available outside the United States.”

Source: UGA Foundation Fellows