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 Building a Carbon-Free future with Clean Nuclear Energy.

It could be said that Will Boyd’s transition into college was unique. After spending his childhood being homeschooled in rural Tennessee, Boyd left home to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology to study Physics and Computer Science.

While this would be a huge change for anyone, Boyd believes it is the Stamps Scholarship that motivated him to further his education.

“I felt intimidated going off to college… once I got the scholarship, it let me know that somebody thinks I’m worth the investment. It raised the bar and got me to think that I can do something great,” said Boyd.

Of course, Boyd’s motivation and personality helped, both in making him a competitive candidate for the Stamps Scholarship and during his time at Georgia Tech.

Boyd used his scholarship related enrichment funds to continue growing as a student and leader through developing his personal skills, furthering his education, and traveling. For example, an Outward Bound Trip to Costa Rica in 2008 helped strengthen his leadership abilities, as it was his second Outward Bound Trip and he was entering the course with more experience than most of his classmates.

Boyd also studied abroad in Southeast Asia and traveled to Taiwan and Vietnam with fellow Stamps Scholar and Georgia Tech alumnus Jonathan Saethang for the INNOVATE: Technology, Globalization and Innovation Conference. These two experiences taught Boyd about economic and political development in Asia and helped him better understand business investment and research.

After graduating from Georgia Tech in 2010, Boyd began working on his PhD in Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT. For graduate school, Boyd was awarded both the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Student Fellowship and the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy University Program Fellowship.

It is clear that Boyd has come a long way since beginning his undergraduate degree, though he contributes both his past and current achievements to the Stamps Scholarship, “I am where I am because of the Stamps Scholarship. The future is more wide open because of the scholarship