stamps scholars
Rob Parrish, 25
Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Tech

In theory, computational methods should allow us to design drugs on the computer. In reality, the math is complex and simulations often don’t tell chemists exactly what changes to make to get the molecule they want. Parrish is working on making it possible for Siri to tell a chemist exactly where to put that carbon atom.

Here’s what Rob had to say about the Stamps Scholarship and receiving this honor:
“I have had a truly marvelous eight years at Georgia Tech. I started with a breathtaking three-year course in mechanical engineering, and moved on to a more sedate five years of graduate work in quantum chemistry. In that time, I have had myriad opportunities and honors, from attending the Lindau meeting of Nobel Laureates and young scientists, to working on research with friends and colleagues from all over the world, to this latest magnificent recognition from Forbes. And yet, for me, it all started with the Stamps Scholarship. This award enabled me to attend Georgia Tech in the first place, to make the highly unusual switch from engineering to chemistry, and, moreover, has inspired a deep sense of confidence and purpose in my work. I am very grateful to be a Stamps Scholar, and hope that my work over the next few decades is adequate recompense for the generosity shown to me by the Stamps family.”
Rob Parrish//Georgia Tech

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