Stamps Scholars

A special benefit of being a Stamps Scholar is access to the ever-growing national network of fellow Scholars and alumni. Along with the Scholars on their campuses, students have many opportunities to connect with their peers from other Stamps partner schools, including regional conferences and informal meet-ups hosted by partner schools, the biennial Stamps Scholars National Convention, and other programming throughout the school year and summer months.

Featured Scholars

  • “The Stamps Scholarship allows me to pursue what I want to pursue without any reservations. The scholarship and the network it provides allow me to go full-force into what I want to study.”
    David Korzeniowski '20
    University of Notre Dame
  • “I’m a better person for having gone abroad and believe in my own strength so much more. The Stamps Scholarship empowered me to take risks and has given me a community of people to do it with me.”
    Emma Rappold '20
    University of Texas at Austin
  • “Being able to give back to your community is something I have always had a passion for.”
    Sengal Ghidewon-Abay '21
    Virginia Tech
  • “When you’re having a bad day and you’re frustrated with life, just being able to make something beautiful and exciting that you can connect with other people about is just so rewarding.”
    Nina Josephson
    Oberlin College
  • “The Stamps Foundation’s incredible generosity fills me with gratitude for their willingness to invest in the lives of others and inspires me to multiply the gift I have been given by doing the same.”
    Fiona Eichinger
    University of Pittsburgh
  • “The Stamps Scholarship allows me to make school my job. I get to put all my time into my studies and hobbies, which has helped me get a better idea of where I want to invest my time when I am working.”
    Brendan Ryan
    Ole Miss
  • “My Stamps Scholarship has not only affected how I view my time in college, but also how I want to go about making positive change in the world. It’s given me the resolve to learn in my own way, so that I can teach others in return.”
    Tammy VuPham
    Georgia Tech
  • “I’m looking at material science because that’s a way to formulate better batteries and other materials to make our lives more sustainable.”
    Moira Miller
    Virginia Tech